Dak Lak: Rushing to hunt discoloring wood – News VietNamNet


In recent months, people in Krong Nang district, Dak Lak, are rushing to the forest to hunt down the so-called color-change trees.

This type of wood can change its color when the light and the temperature change. Originally, the timber is in light white gray but it will shift to dark blue, with shiny appearance like stone or horn. This kind of timber also has visible veins which are as beautiful as veins of Artemisia wood.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, this kind of wood is used to make crafts items, such as flower vases, statues, etc. A statue of Maitreya of 60cm tall, 40cm in diameter is priced up to VND4 million ($200).

According to the radio Voice of Vietnam, this type of wood is no longer seen in Krong Nang. Some wood workshops in the region have to make craft items from the roots of this plant.

Although this kind of wood has many strange characteristics and it has been hunted for several months, the local authorities have not yet determined the correct scientific name of this plant.

via Dak Lak: Rushing to hunt discoloring wood – News VietNamNet.


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