Two Dams, Thousands Affected | International Rivers

After two days of driving to avoid a landslide that blocked the main road, we finally arrived at the Wunonglong Dam itself, We hired a small shuttle van to drive us to the dam site as our own jeep had broken down. The van driver, Mr. He Shenyan (a pseudonym), happened to be from Wunonglong Village. He told us his story on the bumpy road to the construction site as dirt and smoke from the construction crept into the van. His house and farm are located right where Wunonglong is being built. After the construction started, he lost his farm, but he has yet to receive any compensation for it. He told us that the public notice taped on a wall by the side of the village, which describes how much land each family had, was forged by the police. When surveyors came to measure the land, the measurements were significantly smaller than the actual size of the land. No family has received any compensation so far. Although the dam is only supposed to be built after ecological and immigration problems are properly resolved, the few remaining families in Wunonglong Village have to live their lives among the noise and dust emanating from the construction site next door.

via Two Dams, Thousands Affected | International Rivers.


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