Thailand beckons as a land of opportunities | The Australian

“I think that Thailand provides the ideal platform for Australian manufacturers to escape the limitations of their small domestic market,” Ramm says.

ANZ’s Asia-Pacific chief, Gilles Plante, described Thailand’s potential as a hub for commerce, transport and travel linkage between the greater Mekong subregion and China and India as one of the most interesting situations now developing in Asia.

“I think Thailand is in a great position, actually,” Plante told The Australian.

“Thailand has developed a pretty robust infrastructure and has developed some pretty friendly trade agreements around the region and therefore also local expertise, which is used to deal with the internationalisation of Asia.

“If we look at it from a (greater Mekong) regional point of view, Thailand is the dominant economy and it’s not by luck.

“Thailand has benefited not only from a well-educated population but it’s been the recipient of foreign investment for a couple of decades and been able to make a success of it.

“So in turn I think Thailand is very well positioned to expand those skills into the region.”

via Thailand beckons as a land of opportunities | The Australian.


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