China flaunts cross-border clout in hunt for drug lord over Mekong killings – The Times of India

China’s search for Naw Kham, overseen by its powerful ministry of public security, was a hard-nosed display of the government’s political and economic clout across Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, the three countries of Southeast Asia that form the Golden Triangle. The capture shows how China’s law enforcement tentacles reach far beyond its borders into a region now drawn by investment and trade into China’s orbit, and where the United States’ influence is being challenged.

It took six months for China to catch Naw Kham, a citizen of Myanmar in his 40s, a man of many aliases who was at the center of the booming synthetic drug business in the Golden Triangle, once known for its opium.

What came next was quick: the authorities flew the drug lord from Laos to China, tried him in a provincial court and executed him last month in a highly publicized live television broadcast that captured the proceedings until just moments before he received a lethal injection.

The Chinese hunt for Naw Kham was methodical and unyielding.

Immediately after the killings of the sailors, the Chinese government invited senior officials from the three countries that form the Golden Triangle to Beijing.

There, it pressured the countries to participate in Chinese-led river patrols, intended to ensure security for the river trade. Meng Jianzhu, who was China’s minister for public security, flew to Myanmar to meet with President Thein Sein, and Wen Jiabao, then China’s prime minister, spoke by telephone to his Thai counterpart, Yingluck Shinawatra, to urge her cooperation.

via China flaunts cross-border clout in hunt for drug lord over Mekong killings – The Times of India.


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