Lawfare › Mary Laurie Writes a “Chinese White Paper”

Mary M. Laurie, a third-year law student at Penn State Law, has rewritten the DOJ White Paper on targeted killing from the perspective the Chinese government. She explains:

China considered using a drone strike against Naw Kham, the Burmese drug lord, but chose not to take this path and instead captured Kham alive. He was tried in a court of law, received a death sentence and was executed earlier this year. I found it interesting that out of all the human rights violations that China has carried out, targeted killing was not one of them. Yet the U.S., a bastion of freedom, continues to do [use it].

The case of Naw Kham is not identical to that of al Qaeda, but it does not take much extrapolation to use the Department of Justice’s logic to justify targeting him. This “Chinese White Paper” goes back in time to before Kham’s capture and imagines how the PRC could have applied this Administration’s legal arguments, slightly modified, for its own use.

The Chinese White Paper opens:

This white paper sets forth the reasoning for a lethal operation against a foreign national who is an operational leader of Naw Kham’s Hawngleuk Militia (NKHM) and associated forces against citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

via Lawfare › Mary Laurie Writes a “Chinese White Paper”.


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