Laos women falling victim to fraudster matchmakers | Vientiane Times

Lao women have fallen victim to fraudsters masquerading as matchmaking service providers offering a life with a foreign husband, according to a senior government official.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee, who did not wish to be named, said the mostly-uneducated women had been lured into leaving the country to marry and live with foreign men.

The women were introduced to foreign men who claimed they wanted to get married. However, once the victims arrived in their supposed-fiancées’ countries, they were passed onto to other groups. The people responsible for the service were paid by unidentified parties.

For instance, cases have been reported of girls fleeing to the Lao Embassy in the Republic of Korea seeking help to return home.

The official said cases occasionally surfaced, but he could not confirm if the incidences were carried out by human trafficking groups.

Cases of a similar nature had also been reported among Lao girls in the northern provinces, who had been lured to China but returned home safely.

via Vientiane Times.


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