Sahong dam not on Mekong mainstream: engineer – ANN

The Don Sahong hydropower project is not on the Mekong mainstream, according to an engineer working with the developer of the proposed power plant in the far south of this province. Hou Sahong is one of many Mekong River channels in Champassak province. Mega First Corp Berhad hydropower engineer, Graeme Boyd, on Monday cited four reasons why the project should not be considered a mainstream dam – first and foremost that it would not block the Mekong across its full width, instead stretching across one of many channels. Boyd was in Champassak to discuss the US$723.1 million project with more than 100 delegates from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, representatives from the Mekong River Commission (MRC) development partners and non-government and independent organisations and media from the region, as well as to make a site visit. The dam is being built on the Hou Sahong channel, which runs the width of Don Sahong island. About 15 per cent of the Mekong\’s flow will pass through the 260-megawatt run-of-river dam on average. “The fact is that Hou Sahong is only one of many channels of the Mekong River. It only takes about 15 per cent of the flow of the Mekong, while a mainstream dam takes 100 per cent of the flow,” Boyd said. “Really, the Don Sahong project cannot be considered as a mainstream dam because it does not span the whole of the Mekong River.” Boyd said just 8 per cent of the river\’s sediment load would pass through the dam, as opposed to 100 per cent in a mainstream dam. He said other channels in the Siphandone area would continue to act as natural passages for flood flows, sediment and fish. via Sahong dam not on Mekong mainstream: engineer – ANN.


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