Thailand Eyes Mekong & Moei Water Diversion to Control Drought & Flooding

Rasi Salai Dam

From: Many areas are flooded while others remain parched | Thailand PRD 6 August 2015:

quote1Meanwhile, Sisaket residents are still coping with the drought crisis as the amount of water in the Rasi Salai Dam is at a critical level. Only one of the sluice gates is opened to release water into the streams, in order to conserve the remaining water.

From: RID pushes two new water diversion bids | Bangkok Post 18 July 2015:

quote1[Mr Thanar said] the other project would divert water from the Mekong River to the Chi and Mun rivers in the Northeastern region. The project starts from Chiang Khan district in Loei where water from the Mekong River would be diverted into a new, 100-km canal which will be dug under the project.

The canal will be the water course sending the water into the two rivers in the Northeastern region. The project could feed more water into Ubolratana dam in Khon Kaen and nearby reservoirs. Upper Northeastern provinces will also reap benefits from the project such as Nong Bua Lam Phu and Loei.

The projects, under the department’s 10-year plan, will be forwarded for approval to the National Water Resources Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, in its first meeting next Wednesday. The committee was set up last Wednesday, said Mr Thanar.


Vietnamese plea to Thailand: Don’t divert the Mekong | The Nation Thailand

quote1[Thailand’s] Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha voiced plans to use water from the Mekong and Salween rivers to fill dams that have run low because of drought and poor water management. But the PM’s remarks have caused shockwaves in the [Vietnamese] Mekong Delta, which would be directly affected if such a project was to go ahead.

Nguyen Huu Thien, a freelance expert on wetland ecology and natural resource conservation, criticised the idea. He said taking a large amount of water out of an international river was like sucking the blood from a body and would surely hurt the livelihood of people downstream.

“I just heard of Thailand’s idea to divert water from the Mekong River. I still don’t have much information about the plan but I strongly oppose this idea, as a change in the amount of water in the river would definitely have an impact on the people who live in the Mekong Delta and who rely on the river,” Thien said.

From: Vietnamese plea to Thailand: Don’t divert the Mekong | The Nation Thailand